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A choice of responsability

The 231 model is aimed at all Caloni Trasporti employees and all those who interact with the company in order to adopt behaviors in line with its ethical values

Caloni Trasporti has adopted its own organizational, management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 which defines a set of rules and organizational procedures aimed at preventing the perpetration of the offenses envisaged by the Decree.

To comply with the Model, whose purpose is to implement virtuous behaviors capable of preventing the commission of fraudulent crimes are held, each for their part of competence, all those who work for the Company, whether they are Directors, managers, others employees or collaborators; and subjects external to the company who want to collaborate and any title with the company itself, which will have to comply with the criteria of collaboration and transparency required by the 231/01 Model adopted.

The text consists of: General Part, Special Section, Code of Ethics, Manual of Procedures, Oversight Board (OB) Statute, System of Sanctions.

General part 231 model
Code of ethics 231 model

The Oversight Board has also been appointed, whose task is to monitor the functioning and observance of the Organizational Model and the Code of Ethics adopted by the Company.

The Model provides that for direct communications to the Oversight Board concerning the Model itself it is possible to use the dedicated e-mail address: or anonymously from the form

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