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Caloni and the social life:
Amici della Pediatria

Caloni is also socially committed. With Amici della Pediatria association, that boast Caloni Trasporti as one of its main supporters

The "Amici della Pediatria" Association was founded in 1990 at the hospital “Ospedali Riuniti of Bergamo”in the pediatric division, with the aim of acting in the public body support and integration in order to improve the care for unhealthy children and the support for their families.

The non-profit organization connects parents, health workers, teachers, volunteers who are committed to facing health and psychological, affective and human issues of the sick child. They believe that concrete gestures of love, solidarity and participation can make possible to "take care of the child in the totality of his being".

In order to make sure that the stay in the hospital is not a parenthesis to forget, the Association offers to every sick child the opportunity to be calm, smile, play, feel warmth around him and his family, affection, understanding and participation.

Among the initiatives stands out "Together to give away a smile" - supported by Caloni Trasporti - which, every year, unfold on three dates: a non-competitive march (the Salvetti’s Trophy), music and entertainment with “BB Band” and “Vava 77”.

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