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Caloni and the Associations: ANIMA

An association aimed at promoting business culture, social and civil values of entrepreneurship

ANIMA (Federation of National Associations of Mechanical Industry and related), is the industrial organization category that within Confindustria represents the companies operating in mechanics, a sector that employs 212,000 employees for a turnover of more than 45 billion euros.

Founded in 1914, it includes more than 60 associations and commodity groups, as well as more than 1,000 member companies, among the most qualified in their production sectors.

Making a system, contributing in writing the rules of the tomorrow market

The macro-sectors that ANIMA represents are: machines and plants for the energy production and for the chemical and oil industry - industrial plants assembly; logistics and goods handling; water and food technologies and equipment; industry technologies and products; plants, machines and products for the building industry; machines and systems for human and environmental safety; metallic constructions in gender.

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