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Caloni and art:
Cinzia Pellin

Caloni has chosen Cinzia Pellin as testimonial and symbol of an art passion that runs throughout the company representing the distinctive element of its communication

The black and white to the rhythm of rock in an alchemy corroborated by a creativity that has its own soul in representing the female universe. A name and a surname? Cinzia Pellin.

The inspiration of the artist from Lazio, with Venetian blood and a special relationship with Lombardy, this is how we can summarize. A mix that has in the passion an essential spark, the same blaze that led Nicola Caloni to believe so much in her talent to make her the company's testimonial.

The Caloni-Pellin duo took off immediately based on a common instinct that proves to be a hotbed of ideas in constant evolution, one above all the great success of the solo exhibition - "The Women Beauty" - which took place at the Villa Reale of Monza in September last year.

Cinzia, born in Velletri and resident in Latina, has been exclusively linked to Vecchiato Art Galleries for ten years and has her fulcrum in the pink world:

"Inspiration comes from something intense, whether it is a gesture or an expression, which then makes me feel the desire to reproduce it. The human face is the most complex thing to paint: that's why I chose it. I use white, black and shades, I like to highlight the red of the lips, also often drawing on the iris colors. Green and blue help to further emphasize ".

A dark-colored DNA that translates into music, looks and a fondness for the cold and temperatures of northern Europe. And the technique? Constantly evolving. All this to celebrate the women’s beauty in a unique and indelible way. 

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