CALONI4ARTS – 7th MAY 2016

An explosive mixture of music, design, gourmet and spirit on the road where street art and street food reigned supreme

Live music, silent disco, street food.

On Saturday 7th May, from 6.30 pm, the Alcatraz in Milan hosted “Caloni4Arts Festival”, an artistic event conceived by Caloni Trasporti.

Special guest of the evening was Nada, voice of “Amore Disperato”, “Ma che freddo fa” and “Il cuore è uno zingaro”, accompanied by the indie band A Toys Orchestra.

But that's not all. With AudioPaint the painting became music, with Sergio Arturo Calonego the notes became tales, while the Brianza rock reshaped with the Marco Riva Arredamenti. Moreover silent disco, street performers, animation for children and street food.


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