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Caloni and the social life:
Cancro Primo Aiuto

Caloni is also socially committed. With Cancro Primo Aiuto, a non-profit organization that sees Nicola Caloni as its vice-president

“We simply are people who help other people”.

This is the slogan of Cancro Primo Aiuto Onlus, founded in 1994 in memory of Senator Walter Fontana.

Over 100 partners in support of the Onlus Cancro Primo Aiuto

The Association - that sees Nicola Caloni as its vice-president for what concerns the Monza Brianza area - is a non-profit organization and promotes initiatives in the social-health assistance field for cancer patients and their families.

Cancro Primo Aiuto extends its action in the whole Lombardy area, specifically in over 50 hospital-health facilities with a consolidated collaboration.

In 2017, over 30,000 patients had intercourse with CPA for a total of about 60 thousand services.About forty collaborators are financially supported by the non-profit organization and about a hundred are the volunteer doctors associated.

Several initiatives are in place: from the machinery purchase to the patients’ transportation, going through psychological support and to almost unique services. Like the “Wigs Project” which allows women forced to attend chemotherapy cycles, to receive a wig free of charge: to date, ten thousand have been already distributed.

Or the "online nutritionist", a service that allows patients to have information on which diet is best to be during the treatment period, simply by going on the website association. Or even more the creation of "Do not give up. Never!", a book whose aim is to help the patients and their families to psychologically face the disease.

To carry out these projects Cancro Primo Aiuto make use of hundred partners’ support, such as Caloni Trasporti, and funds raised with several events, in particular sport events, such as the "Memorial Walter Fontana" ski event, the "Trofeo AutoTorino" golf event and "Santiago in rosa", the pilgrimage that women can undertake by bike or walk.

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