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Representation, protection, promotion and development are the key words of Confimi

“On your side, for your business growth”

"On your side, for your business growth": this is the slogan of the new Confimi course, confederation of manufacturing industry and private enterprise.

The association, which for the Monza and Brianza division sees Nicola Caloni at its helm since July 2017, wants to become the ideal point of aggregation for all those entrepreneurs who feel the need to confront each other.

Networking is a must for remaining the leading actors on the market with our own identity, but at the same time also benefiting from the group strength. Confimi provides its associates with the advice and a set of professional tools suitable to better face the increasingly rapid changes in the market, relying on a dynamic professional structure.

Confimi Industria system unfolds on a national scale with 28,000 companies for 410,000 employees and a gross aggregate turnover of over 70 billion euros;

in Lombardy with 2,500 companies for 45,000 employees and an aggregate turnover of around 8 billion euros;

in the Brianza area with 90 companies for 1,900 employees and an aggregate turnover of around 300 million euros.

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