Freight Company

The artists of the freight transport

Caloni Trasporti, is an Italian company specialized in domestic and European road freight transport. A reliable, flexible and efficient partner for your shipments since ever

An Italian company specialized in freight transport that handles over 10 million parcels a year. Artists moved by the passion for their job, professionals aiming to satisfy your needs and those of the third millennium motion.

We build a net of roads to travel together

From household products and food to stationary, whichever good you need to ship, Caloni Trasporti is able to handle it. Its fleet is capable of satisfying any of your requests and thanks to the widespread organization in Italy and throughout Europe, the company can offer a reliable, flexible and efficient service wherever you are located.

Over the years the company has grown widening and consolidating its distribution net all over Europe. A national and international forwarder that constantly guarantees fast delivery times and the highest quality standards for each type of shipment.

In a strongly competitive context, the company not only offers a freight transport and logistic service but also provides its clients with the possibility to tailor the service on their business needs and activities. For Caloni Trasporti the customer is at the centre of everything: with him a journey is built, a growth, a net of roads to travel together.




The years of experience in the freight transport field.

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The Direct Branches.

The distribution centres.

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  • Since 1939: from Milan to Monza to Brianza: since the 30s, Caloni Trasporti is equivalent to efficiency and dynamism, up to date with times and market evolution.
  • The 50s: In the 50s the company has broadened its action ray establishing itself as the most popular courier for line haul between Liguria and Lombardy.
  • The 70s: Over the decade all the North Italy branches have been strengthened in order to guarantee a full coverage of the whole domestic ground since the begging of the 70s.
  • The 90s: an ongoing rise, evidenced by the opening of the Caloni Trasporti’s new headquarters in Seregno during the 90s, a “gift” for the fifty years of activity.
  • 2015: In 2015 we took over the ‘Omg’ brand which has been in existence for over 40 years in the production, marketing, service and hire of electric forklift on a global scale. Along with more than 10 years in the commercialization and maintenance of high speed industrial doors and the varnishing and sandblasting of ferrous materials.

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