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Caloni takes good care of your goods even in Europe

Caloni Trasporti carries your goods to Europe with precision, security and speed. Over 58 foreign destinations to meet your every need even across the national border

Whether in Austria or Denmark, Greece or Luxembourg, Romania or Hungary, for Caloni Trasporti and for you too, it really makes no difference. Your goods will always arrive at their destination in Europe efficiently and on time, because this is the most important goal.

A network of selected partners allows daily deliveries throughout the continent, increasing furtherly the excellent standard of services offered. The modern fleet of company vehicles guarantees punctual departures and fast deliveries.

The modern fleet of company vehicles guarantees timely departures and fast deliveries

Highly motivated staff, numerous logistic depots and distribution centres complete the service profile which has always been oriented towards complete client satisfaction.

In Europe as well as in Italy, Caloni’s work and intensions are always addressed to your needs. This is why the company offers a range of customized and tailored services that represent a plus and a distinctive element compared to the competition.

A precious value based on the respect of the client’s needs and the passion for our work. At your complete disposition, maximum attention paid to controls, full transparency in sharing information and decisions, these are the crucial points of the Caloni model, intending to always remain up-to-date: it shapes, evolves and grows together with your satisfaction.

A highly efficient model that climbs over the Alps, crosses the Mediterranean, bypasses the Adriatic, because our gaze is directed beyond the borders. A model that changes language, climate, postal code, but never its mission: to be completely dedicated to the satisfaction of those who place their trust in us.

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