Easyjob becomes Jobstations: Caloni Trasporti Case History

Inauguration of the project of the Monza cooperative Novo Millennio, in collaboration with Accenture Foundation

Easyjob becomes Jobstations: Caloni Trasporti Case History

The cooperative Novo Millennio has inaugurated the project Jobstations, a smart assisted working center dedicated to people suffering from mental disorders, who can now work for profit companies, through Teleworking.

In the front line there is Caloni trasporti, which has already hired two teleworkers - Stefano and Giovanni – under fixed-term contracts.

The project is promoted in collaboration with Progetto Itaca Onlus Foundation, Italiana Accenture Foundation and Bertini Malgarini Onlus Fondazione, which, themselves, had already activated different JobStations in Milan and Rome: since 2012, thanks to them, 52 people have started working. The first step, which took place in the Novo Millennio headquarters in Monza, has been enhanced by the participation via Skype of Peppe Dell’Acqua, luminary psychiatrist and disciple of Franco Basaglia, promoter of the Law 180, the first and unique framework law imposing the closure of mental hospitals, governing the mandatory medical treatment and establishing public mental health services. This had made Italy the first (and from 2017, the only) country in the world to have abolished mental hospitals.

“I renew my commitment - President Nicola Caloni said -, but those situations deserve even more prominence. They should become the normality and this is why I would like an even broader participation. Not only of the interested parties. With the help of the institutions, we can facilitate the meeting with companies. Caloni Trasporti is not better than others, it has just created the ideal situation to let everything take off”.

Jobstations are workplaces in which workers, assisted by the tutors, can operate in safe and welcoming spaces separated from the firm, but in constant touch with it.


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