Services and Solutions

A logistic service in a workmanlike manner

Caloni Trasporti is able to offer a logistics with an impeccable organization in goods handling

Over the years, through a constant company growth, Caloni has developed a logistics service firmly established on warehouses and logistics hubs of the national and European network.

Thanks to this organization, the company is able to offer a dedicated service oriented on all the European markets.

Considering the continuous and ever more strong needs of economy, traceability and flexibility requested by the industrial production, the Caloni method ensures:

  • maximum efficiency in procurement and distribution of goods;
  • deadlines certainty and respect;
  • full observation of your expectations along with those of your clients.

At your disposal, strategic solutions for the logistics of goods

The logistics service is tailored to the client’s needs, ensuring efficiency and competitive rates in the provision and distribution of goods. A methodical process that has been developed in full respect of your peculiarities and those of your clients.

A dedicated software manages the goods stock in real time, offering you the opportunity to better organize your Supply Chain. In our warehouses, the parcels are tracked step by step, from stocking to final distribution.

A method built on a careful customization of the offer, that is able to provide you with much more than a strategic solution for the logistics of your goods.

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