METHODO, a sprint for Hungary

Seven Hungarian cyclists have carried out some visits near the medical center of Bergamo

METHODO, a sprint for Hungary

Methodo continues to include sports all around.

The medical center of Bergamo – born from the union of Nicola Caloni, Angelo Agnelli and Gianluca Cotroneo – has been applied to the cycling world. While the Giro d’Italia has already been giving entertainment, on via San Giorgio the Hungarian cyclists that have chosen to rely on the experience and quality of the Bergamo’s structure. Gabor Firnstal, Gyore Szabolcs, Bogdan Csaba Gyula, Gabor Laszlo Szilasi, Istvan Kucza, Ferenc Jankovics and Vinnai Zsolt: thanks to them Methodo pushes on the pedals and goes away. To cross the finish line before everyboady else. Like a true champion.


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