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Caloni and the social life:
Novo Millennio

Caloni is also socially committed. With the association Novo Millennio, Onlus sustained by Caloni Trasporti, that sees Jobstations as part of its main initiatives

Novo Millennio is a non-profit Social Cooperative ONLUS Society that promotes solidarity and the "Pedagogy of Charity”.

The association was born from the collaboration between Caritas of Monza and Caritas Ambrosiana to offer personal services mainly in the territory that includes the province of Monza and Brianza. The objective is to promote social well-being, personal care, in particular for people in need, and the integration into the territorial and civil community for those people.

Novo Millennio does not act alone: it works primarily with Caritas and in collaboration with Institutions, Associations and Experts.

The Cooperative is composed of about 70 workers, including professionals and volunteers, and it offers many personal services in different areas of social intervention.

Among them all, the recent “Jobstations” is the main initiative.

Born in collaboration with Accenture, Jobstations are centers of assisted smart working dedicated to people with mental disabilities. These centers enable them, through teleworking, to work remotely.

They are composed of protected and welcoming workstations in which the workers, assisted by expert tutors, can work in places separate from the company, but in constant touch with it. This happens with awareness that a hospitable and inclusive environment like the Jobstations, allows people to better express their talent and their skills.

Caloni Trasporti, one of the main supporters of Novo Millennio, has already hired two people, Stefano and Giovanni, taking advantage of this service.


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