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Caloni and sport:
Olimpia Pallavolo

Caloni is also sport. With Olimpia Pallavolo, a volleyball team of the A2 men's championship of which Nicola Caloni is president

Nicola Caloni and Angelo Agnelli, a friendship made even stronger by the feeling outside and inside the business world, which has also flowed in the sports field.

Olimpia Pallavolo, founded in 1945, is reaching its peak thanks to the Caloni commitment made to four hands with the CEO of the homonymous family company.

Agnelli in Bergamo means entrepreneurial successes, sport and social commitment on a DNA trail that is handed down from generation to generation, just like in the Caloni philosophy.

The volleyball passion has grown exponentially over the years, so much so that it become natural to expand from being main sponsor to the presidency of the company.

The team, meanwhile, in 2016/2017 has regained the Serie A league after a decade in B: immediately a semi-final play-off at the first attempt with the great occasions public to fill in at every circumstances the Palasport to turn into the perfect frame.

That public that, awarded by the Lega Volleyball as the best in the category, is still the best soundtrack of an adventure that, in the first part of the 2017/18 season saw the Caloni-Agnelli master their league group and be defeated only at the final by Rome team, at the Bari PalaFlorio, in front of 4,000 spectators, 200 of them from Bergamo.

Another piece to add at the great story of an Olimpia even more nationally recognized as one of the volleyball happy islands.

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