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Roccia Rubano Rugby

Caloni is also sport. With the Roccia Rubano Rugby that plays in the rugby “serie B” (second league).

Caloni enters the fray and goes in goal with the Roccia Rubano Rugby oval ball, one of Veneto reference point.

The company, born in 1979 in Sarmeola di Rubano, in the province of Padua, has more than 300 registered members, this is indication of a constantly growing movement that has its roots in a history full of prestigious results, with many regional and national trophies exposed on the showcase, including two cups CIV.

In 2010 the landing in Serie A, today the presence in a high profile “Serie B” championship.

The smiles are not lacking even in the youth division, in fact in 2008 the Under 11 won the Topolino Trophy, considered the real league title. Also noteworthy is that, since 2003, the ASD organizes the "City of Rubano Minirugby Tournament", which takes place in April each year and is dedicated to athletes in compliance with the F.I.R. of the categories Under 6, Under 8, Under 10, Under 12 of minirugby.

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