The Women Beauty

A charity art exhibition dedicated to women’s beauty, surrounded by the magnificent scenery of the Royal Villa of Monza

The Feminine Universe, between aggressive seductions and hidden fragilities, was the absolute protagonist of this excursus of emotions told through the paintings of  Cinzia Pellin.

The exhibition, which took place at the “Serrone della Villa Reale” in Monza on 22nd and 23rd September 2017, gave visitors the opportunity not only to view the artist's works, but also to purchase them donating 50% of the value to charity.


The event was in fact organized in collaboration with  Cancro Primo Aiuto, a non-profit association that follows exclusively social solidarity purposes in the social and health care assistance field, on behalf of cancer patients and their families. This includes prevention, treatment, psychological, medical and home care assistance mainly in the territorial area of Lombardy Region.

Pellin's works are of such an emotional impact as to sign the transcription of his interiority. Therefore not random is the choice of her subjects, suspended between sweetness and ambiguity, protagonists and victims of the contradictions of our times. In her art, vulnerability and artifice of seduction are mixed.

The artist transforms every brushstroke, every stroke, every nuance, into a gap that opens up to the intrigue and emotionality that coexist in every soul.


Cinzia Pellin's style intends to establish itself as unique and immediately recognizable, signed it by the lighting up of fiery reds on the faces’ white surfaces and a lexicon of lights and shadows in which the experience of reality merges with an imaginary system. Lips, hands and eyes are the communication elements at the center of her painting, precisely because they are able to communicate with the observer, capturing him in a single emotional impact.

Anyone walking in front of the canvas cannot escape those silent glances or exempt themselves from a deep and penetrating involvement, plunging into that soulful vortex that transfuses from the artist to the viewer, no longer as an artistic product to be observed at distance, but polarizing it in a definitely kinesthetic moment.


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