A day dedicated to the Hungarian economy potentials and to the development of new commercial and business relationships with Italy

Seregno-Lallio-Dalmine, Caloni Trasporti-Baldassare Agnelli-Point: three countries, three locations and three stages for success.

"UN-ITA" was all this, the event organized by Caloni Trasporti in collaboration with Confimi Apindustria. The delegation coming from Nagykanizsa to visit the Brianza, the meeting with the Mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori surrounded by the kingdom of the Agnelli pots and the meeting at the University Pole, all of these for a first step towards new potential synergies with Italian industrial companies.

"A very concrete meeting between two realities that are closer than we think. As Caloni Trasporti we aim to be an efficient way to put on the table many projects that I hope will develop in a short time ". These are the words of Nicola Caloni, CEO of Caloni Trasporti and conceiver of the event.

Enthusiasm and propositiveness also among the Hungarian delegation representatives.

"We can count on a traditionally very strong industry, as well as on very good training schools" - said József Polay, CCIN President Nagykanizsa - "We would like to strengthen relations with Italy through Caloni Trasporti and we are very happy with this opportunity created through this event".

A future full of opportunities emerges from the words of the Mayor of Nagykanizsa himself, Sándor Dénes.

"No distance between Hungary and Italy. There are already many opportunities for Italian investors and the meeting with Caloni Trasporti represents the ideal opportunity to create a bridge between the two countries. Our city in particular has 50,000 inhabitants, a very low percentage of unemployment and a high standard of living. We hope this can be a step to bring about fruitful synergies".


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