Hungary has never been so close

Here is why Caloni Trasporti chose Hungary

Hungary has never been so close


From Monza to Brianza, from Brianza to Italy, from Italy to Hungary. The evolution of our company has brought us to the heart of Europe, without ever losing sight of the point of reference of our mission: you.

Caloni Trasporti has chosen Hungary as its second home

Hungary, which has become our second home, contains elements that make it one of the most economically strategic areas of the entire European Union. In fact, it has an excellent geographical position that allows easy access to the countries of the Center East. This is possible thanks to the third densest road network in EU: as a matter of fact 4 out of 10 pan-European transport corridors cross Budapest.

Why did Caloni Trasporti choose Hungary?

  • Foreign policy focused on foreign trade
  • Political stability
  • Drop in the corporate tax for businesses (9% flat tax)
  • GDP in continuous growth (+ 4.1% in the first quarter of 2017)
  • Decreasing public debt (around 70% of GDP)
  • Low unemployment rate (4.2%)
  • Excellent relations with Italy (2,000 Italian companies on site)

The close connection between the two nations is another clear reason that has led Caloni Trasporti to open its doors to the Hungarian market.  Above all, in 2015 Italy occupied the 5th place in the ranking of the commercial partners of Hungary and the interchange between the two countries recorded a + 8.4% in 2015 and + 7.2% in the first five months of 2016.

It is easy now to understand why Hungary is the foreign state which Caloni Transport will focus more on in the coming years. A future that is already present: our coverage of all of Hungary is now guaranteed through a close partnership with one of the main logistics operators in Eastern Europe. Find out more about our freight transport services in Hungary.


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